Code of Conduct

For most people, these conduct guidelines won’t be a problem. If you violate one, we’ll probably just point it out nicely. If you continue to violate these rules after sufficient warning, or if you really go off the deep end and do something serious, you may be suspended, demoted, put on probation, or dismissed entirely. The disciplinary process is outlined on the Clan Rules page.

GroupMe chats

  • The primary purpose for chat is coordination for Clan Wars. Separate chats will usually be created for each clan during wars only. Respect the topic and keep non-war discussions out of those groups.
  • In casual (non-war) groups, you’re free to discuss almost anything. Please keep out explicit pornography or links, gore or NSFL content or discussion, illegal drug or activities (things you wouldn’t want reported to the police), threats, and bullying.
  • As a close-knit group, discussions will contain lots of banter, teasing, and joking. This should always be in good fun, being mindful of the line between fun and hurtful that could be crossed. If you think you might have been out of line, apologize and tone it down a notch.
  • Swearing is generally accepted, but try to refrain from using explicitly racial or sexual terms or phrases (e.g. rape) in a joking or pejorative manner. Sexual or explicit jokes at another’s expense are fun until they cross a line; know that line.
  • Do not post personal information about another person, including their real name, address, contact info, or anything else they might not want public, without their consent.
    Keep your name in the casual and war groups reasonably close to your PSN gamertag and console(s), such as “TryBot (PS3/4)”. We reserve the right to force a name change at any time.

In-game conduct

TRYb and rSFT want to be competitive; video games wouldn’t be fun without some competition and challenge. But at our core we’re a casual set of players that don’t want to take it all too seriously. Follow these guidelines when playing in-game:

  • Do not rage in any match, public or private. We all get frustrated, and that’s fine. Don’t take it out on your fellow players, don’t complain about weapons or tactics someone else might be using, and don’t rage quit a match. Ever.
  • Be a team player. Coordinate with other players on your team, especially in objective games. Don’t get upset if things don’t go our way all the time.
  • No cheating, hacking, dashboarding, modding, boosting, or other tactics used to unfairly increase your success in the game. Cheating of any sort is grounds for immediate dismissal from the clan, potentially without a prior warning.
  • During Clan Wars, play as a group and follow direction. Our strength lies in our group strategy. In football, the running back doesn’t second-guess the quarterback’s play call in the huddle. Similarly, clan leadership’s play calls shouldn’t be second-guessed in the war chat. Listen to your clan leadership. We value everyone’s input, but if leadership decides on a strategy it’s important that everyone comply and help out.

On our subreddit

  • Do not post personally identifying information about anyone, ever, unless they’ve given consent.
  • Keep the same rules as GroupMe chat for the subreddit.
  • Accept new members as you would any existing member. Keep in mind the history you may have with our clan, and remember how it might feel to join a group like ours not knowing anyone or understanding our jokes. Welcome new people warmly.
  • Keep Clan War strategy and tactics discussions off the subreddit. Other clans **will** search for us, find the subreddit, and get important info without us knowing.


As a member of a Reddit TryHard clan, you’ll be expected to represent our brand according to our conduct guidelines. When interacting with someone from outside of our clan (an opponent in-game, another clan on Twitter, official CoD personnel, etc.), you will be held to the same standards outlined above.


Full discipline procedures can be found on the Clan Rules page.

For the most part, you’ll be given at least one warning before any disciplinary steps are taken. Continued infraction of our rules is grounds for suspension, demotion, probation, or dismissal from our clans.

We can’t be everywhere at once or know everything that goes on. If you’ve noticed a potential Code of Conduct violation, or you’ve been on the receiving end of behavior that you think is unacceptable, bring it to the attention of one of the clan leaders.