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Welcome to Reddit TryHard

We are a PS4 community, currently playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Destiny. We play to win, but we’re a casual clan at heart and often have fun goofing around outside of clan wars.

Our name Tryhard refers to our stance on CoD Clan Wars: we want to win, and our members grind hard to get there. If you’d like to see the fun we have during and between Clan Wars, check out our Youtube Channel.

The single greatest attribute we ask for in a clan member is activity. An active player, willing to grind and contribute, can do more than a member with well-built stats who fears risking a high k/d at the expense of winning a game. We keep track of each player’s contribution during all Clan Wars, so Big Brother knows if you haven’t been pulling your weight.

The RedditTryHard umbrella includes two different clans: TRYb, our Diamond Division clan, and rSFT, our Platinum Division clan.  Both TRYb and rSFT members play together outside of Clan Wars, as one big RedditTryHard group.

Communication is also necessary for us to succeed as a clan. So if you can afford a cheap $20 mic, do it. It makes the game that much more enjoyable. Also, if you have some IRL obligations that pull you away for part of a clan war, let someone know so bonez doesn’t come knocking at your door. Our GroupMe chats allow us to communicate and coordinate ourselves during Clan Wars.

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If you’re interested in gettin’ sweaty with us, start by making an intro post on the subreddit (click here to post).

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Activity Requirements” icon=”caret” anchor=”requirements”] Since this is an active clan, we expect active members. We log hours played for each member during Clan Wars to measure activity levels.

TRYb and rSFT activity requirements for each war will be posted in the subreddit in the RSVP announcement and submission form.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Promotion to TRYb” icon=”caret” anchor=”promotion”]

All new Tryhard recruits will first apply to rSFT to get to know everyone and establish their activity level. Promotion is optional and based on the clan leaders’ assessment of a player’s overall contribution; everyone in rSFT is eligible.

How to get promoted (if you’re interested)

We monitor hours and contribution for all members during each Clan War. Any rSFT members with greater than 6 hours played during a war will be considered for promotion to the TRYb, and the most promising recruits will be promoted.

Clan leaders reserve the right to promote and demote members at any time in the best interest of the clan.

Why have promotion criteria for TRYb that aren’t fixed?

We want to keep the promotion process competitive for a number of reasons:

  • It ensures that we don’t get a sudden influx of people only willing to put the bare minimum in for hours, which would bring down average hours/player.
  • It gives recruits a taste of competition before coming up to the competitive clan.
  • We keep Clan War bracket sizes in mind when promoting people so we don’t end up one of the smallest clans in a bracket.
  • When people have to work hard to earn a spot on the competitive roster, they’ll be more likely to opt out if they can’t meet the activity requirements for a war, and give more thought to the success of TRYb as a whole.

We have a pretty large roster and get plenty of new recruits coming in after each war. If someone isn’t willing to work for their spot on the competitive roster, there are another 10 applicants that will gladly take their place. As long as this continues to be the case, we will continue to be somewhat selective concerning promotions.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Rules, Code of Conduct, and Privacy Policy” icon=”caret” anchor=”rules”]

As a clan with hundreds of members, we have a few rules to keep us organized.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Our Subreddit” icon=”caret” anchor=”subreddit”]

As a reddit-based clan, we expect everyone to be active in our subreddit. Add it to your bookmarks and check it often (TryBot will post new links in the GroupMe chats, too). All members are free and encouraged to post in the subreddit.

When posting in our subreddit, there are a few tools to help us get organized. All of these need to be done in a browser (most mobile reddit apps don’t support subreddit style changes).

User flair

Give yourself a bit of user flair to tell us your PSN username and which system you play on. Click the edit link in the sidebar next to your reddit username.

Link flair

After you submit a post (link or comment), you have the option to give it some Link Flair. On the page for your post, click the Flair link and choose the best option.

Sort posts by link flair

Assuming everyone gives their post some link flair, you can see only posts of a certain kind. Click the button on the sidebar for the type of post you’d like to see. To go back to normal, click the Clear Filter link on the sidebar or at the top of the page (if it’s visible).