Clan Rules

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Member Requirements
  3. Activity Violations
  4. Extended Absences/Leaving/Quitting
  5. Adjudication
  6. Reapplication Process
  7. Recruiting
  8. Privacy Policy

A. Code of Conduct

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All clan members are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Please read the Code of Conduct page.

Disciplinary Actions

Violations of the Code of Conduct will be considered by leadership on a case by case basis. Leadership will evaluate the nature of violation (severity, duration, etc.) as well as any history of prior violations by the offending member. Disciplinary actions can include, but are not limited to: verbal warnings, suspension from the clan, and dismissal from the clan.

B. Member Requirements

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Minimum Reddit Account Age

All new members must apply from their Reddit account with a minimum account age of 1+ month.


We expect to be able to contact all members by subreddit post, GroupMe chat, or even twitter in order to disseminate any clan news or gather input from the clan. Please keep up to date on clan stuff by checking the sub and the chats on a regular basis.

RSVP Requirements

It is required for all members to state their intention on playing or not playing in an upcoming clan war by filling out the RSVP form. The RSVP form will be active starting at least 4 days prior to the war start and will remain open until 36 hours prior to the war start. 

If you reply “yes,” you will be active in the CoD app and your wins will count. It is expected that you meet the time requirements. 

If you reply “no,” you will remain on the roster but marked as benched, so your wins won’t count towards that war. After the war, you’ll be un-benched (which doesn’t affect your non-war play in any way). 

If you don’t RSVP at all, and don’t let us know what’s going on, we may kick you from the roster and assume you’ve either lost interest or can’t participate right now. Missing RSVP also earns you one strike (more below).

Activity Requirements

When opting in for clan wars, the member commits to meeting the hours requirements set in the RSVP post. If the member does not meet the requirements, they will be penalized according the “Activity Violations” section noted below.

Players in TRYb that fail to meet requirements will be on probation for the next TRYb war. They are still eligible (and encouraged!) to play in the following rSFT war.

Players in rSFT that fail to meet requirements will also be on probation for one war, and are encouraged to party up for that war despite not being on the official roster.

Personal Emergency

In the case of any personal emergencies (health, severe weather, etc) please notify a leader as soon as its convenient and safe. Clan leadership will grant waivers to the strike system accordingly for emergencies.

Clan War Pauses

When clan wars are paused or delayed (for whatever reason), clan leadership has the discretion to revise the hours requirements if necessary.

C. Activity Violations

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Since we want to maintain a baseline level of participation in clan wars, we will track all responses and non-responses to the RSVP form, as well as in-game activity during clan wars. Repeated offenses such as not filling out an RSVP form, repeated “No” responses to the RSVP form, as well as “Yes” responses to the RSVP form but not meeting the time requirements will count as a strike/strikes against you.

Strike System

Once you join rSFT or get promoted to TRYb, you will start with a clean slate with no strikes. Strike(s) can be assigned to you for the following:

  • + 1 strike
    • Missing RSVP
    • Back to back “no” replies on the RSVP form
    • Not fully meeting activity requirements (plus one war probation from your current clan)
  • + 2 strikes
    • Not meeting time requirements with zero hours
  • – 1 strike
    • TRYb member plays in an rSFT war
    • rSFT member exceeds double the minimum activity requirement for a single war
    • Any member hosts a community night, such as a mixer, mini tournament, etc.
    • Six months after a strike

A member’s strike total can’t go negative (no Get Out Of Jail Free cards here).

Once a member accrues 3+ strikes, they can be demoted to rSFT (TRYb members only) or suspended (TRYb & rSFT) with the ability to reapply after a 3 week suspension.

D. Extended Absences/Leaving/Quitting

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We understand that from time to time, members will have real-life things come up where they won’t be able to be active in the clan.

Extended Absences

Used for situations where member will not be able to participate for a certain period of time, normally duration of around one or two months. For those instances, the member can notify a leader by DM or make a post in the subreddit stating their intention to take an extended absence and when they expect to return. The member can remain in the chats if desired. Once the member is ready to return, they can DM a leader to be reactivated.


If you need to leave the clan for a longer period of 3+ months, please notify a leader by DM or make a post in the subreddit stating your intention. A leader will then remove you from the clan in the app as well as remove you from the chats. Leaving the clan in this manner will allow you to rejoin the clan at a later date under relaxed criteria. See Reapplication Process below.


If you leave the clan without stating your intention to do so (by performing actions such as rage quitting chats and leaving the clan in app), you will be considered a “quit.” Quitting the clan in this manner means any attempt to rejoin must be discussed by leadership before a reapplication is allowed. See Reapplication Process below.

E. Adjudication

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The process to discipline a clan member starts with the entire leadership team, and will follow these steps:

  1. A Code infraction has occurred, and one of the clan leaders brings the issue to the attention of the leadership team.
  2. Among clan leaders, the infraction and any potential disciplinary actions are discussed. For serious infractions, a discussion period of at least one day helps diminish reactions based on emotion, allows for a fact-gathering process, and permits all leaders across the world to weigh in. During this time, a member may be removed from chats, the subreddit, or a clan roster, until their case is adjudicated fully.
  3. If necessary, a vote among clan leaders may be taken on the matter. This vote would be non-binding, restricted to clan leaders, and meant to guide the decision of the Commander in their final decision.
  4. The Commander will determine the next step: no action, a warning, probation, or dismissal.

No action

Clan leadership may determine that no disciplinary action will be taken. This is the most likely course of action for one-time, non-serious violations. We take all reports seriously, but our members are generally receptive to direct feedback from another member.

This also may include a friendly reminder to a member about a specific rule, without that rising to the level of an official warning.


Violations of the Code that are more serious or persistent may warrant an official warning. One or more leadership members will deliver this warning directly, and the warning will be given on behalf of the entire leadership team.

There is no maximum number of warnings before dismissal, but leadership will take any prior warnings into account during future disciplinary adjudications.


If a member’s actions are more serious, but not serious enough to warrant dismissal, leadership may put a member on probation for any amount of time up to three months. During this probation, this member will be ineligible to compete in Clan Wars, and may be removed from GroupMe chats or banned from the subreddit.

Probation for TRYb members may also consist of a demotion, whereby the clan member must meet minimum requirements in a future rSFT war to earn their TRYb spot back.


If a violation is serious enough, or after sufficient warning(s) have been given, a member may need to be dismissed from our clans.This decision will be made with discretion to the process, and may not include publicly listing the dismissed member’s infractions.

In order to dismiss a member, 2/3rds of the leadership team must support the decision, with the Commander holding the tie-breaking vote, if necessary.

Dismissal should be considered permanent; however, after six months from the date of dismissal, the person dismissed may petition clan leadership for reapplication. See Reapplication Process below for specific steps.

If these steps result in a member being dismissed, an announcement will be posted to the subreddit for at least one day. This may serve as the only notice of dismissal to the clan.

F. Reapplication Process

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All former members wishing to reapply should contact a clan leader and state their intention to rejoin. From there, it will be determined by the leaders how the former member should reapply.

The four types of reapplication are:


If you’ve left the clan after notifying a clan leader, you’ll be able to rejoin by posting an Intro Post in the subreddit. This allows new members to meet you and assimilate you into the clan community.


If you’ve quit the clan without warning and want to reapply, a majority vote by clan leadership is necessary to allow a re-intro post. If granted, your re-intro post should contain the usual elements of the intro post, as well as an explanation to the existing members on why you quit and are now returning.

Kick (Activity strikes)

If you’ve been kicked for accumulating 3+ strikes, a majority vote by clan leadership is necessary to allow a re-intro post. The re-intro post should contain the usual elements of the intro post, as well as an explanation to the existing members on why they could not maintain the required activity level.


Any member dismissed for a conduct violation must wait at least six months from dismissal to request reapplication.

If you’ve been kicked for a conduct violation (dismissed), a 2/3rds majority vote (minimum of four votes, or unanimous if clan leadership is four people or fewer) by the clan leadership team is required for a reapplication to begin.

If granted by the leadership team, this is the beginning of a whole-clan process. The dismissed person will make a post in the subreddit, discussing their desire to return to the clan, any explanations of their behavior, extenuating circumstances surrounding their dismissal, and an apology if warranted.

Once the post is made, existing members have 72 hours to make their comments and ask questions. Leadership will assess if the apology is sincere as well as consider all comments made by existing members and vote to allow a re-intro post. This final vote must be unanimous among clan leadership. If approved, a re-intro post should be submitted containing the usual elements of the intro post.

G. Recruiting

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Members should not add people to the clan in game for any reason. If you come across interested players, direct them to the subreddit. Everyone must go through the normal application process.

H. Privacy Policy

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We take your privacy seriously. In order to help you understand what information is collected and stored about you, please read through our short Privacy Policy.